Suzanne S. Hall – Mixed Media Artist

Suzanne S. Hall -

New York City, where I lived until I moved to Brasstown, NC in 2004, was a perfect place to nurture my art career. I had a wonderful studio 5 climbs up above a movie theater, art museums of all kinds for inspiration, and galleries to show my work.

At the same time, my fascination with the natural world was fostered by the Museum of Natural History and trips to the beach and to the Adirondack Mountains. I made detailed sketches in all of those places and kept observations about the people I saw.

Now, in my southern mountain home, nature and human nature have coalesced. My work is very much influenced by the interrelationships between people and their surroundings, – not the huge events in which one or the other has the upper and devastating hand – but the more subtle strands that connect them.

I have observed that we use our environments for creative purposes, making, for example, a small, secret garden space or marks on the wall of a cave. In turn, nature reclaims our imprint, growing jungle vines over temples from ancient civilizations, or washing ocean and sand over footprints and castles.

These lasting connections between us and our surrounding world remain as threads of memory, not completely intact, but surely surviving. Layer upon layer, veiled and fragmented, the story unfolds and continues to carry with it the vestiges of its past and whispers of its colors.

My hope is that I will communicate to you through my work in a way that will help you catch hold of a snippet of your own story, or just a color or texture that takes you to a remembered part of your life or environment.